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    Kerish Doctor 2011 4.25 ENG/RUS (L)  
    20.11.2011, 17:07

    Kerish Doctor 2011
    - an innovative product for integrated services on your computer, which is a software center troubleshooting, increased performance, stability of the computer, and also provides protection from vulnerability to hacker attacks and malicious programs.

    Core of the application is designed with maximum flexibility and scalability that will improve the efficiency of its individual components in real time and update them without any restrictions.

    Through such a system Kerish Doctor 2011 is one of the most promising products in its class.

    Extras. Information:
    Scalability and performance
    At the heart of Kerish Doctor in 2011, a new approach in the field and at the time of software release is unique in its class. The application consists of a special database errors, optimization methods and possible vulnerabilities on your computer. These databases are regularly improved and updated with the developer's server. User does not need to download new versions, updates the application itself as a custom kernel, and individual components. This flexibility and scalability allow to increase efficiency and add to the list of its capabilities in real time without any restrictions.

    Simple user-friendly interface
    Interface Kerish Doctor 2011 designed primarily focused on maximum comfort and ease of use. Navigating the application is intuitive and it will understand even a novice computer user. Message Center Kerish Doctor 2011 includes tips on working with the program, as well as timely to remind of how to improve its efficiency. Besides operation in real time requires a fully automatic application work and interact with it can run on their own or if you want an immediate decision to the user.

    Reliable correction of errors and malfunctions
    One of the main priorities in the development of Kerish Doctor in 2011 was to provide the most reliable remedy the problem. Thanks to the database heuristics and algorithms for reliable analysis of objects, the application is effectively and securely fix computer errors. Database errors, faults and exceptions is continuously improved and updated with the developer's server, which makes the error correction component Kerish Doctor in 2011 the most promising in its class. The rollback feature allows you to discard the changes the program of action for any period of time.

    Intelligent cleaning digital "trash"
    Kerish Doctor 2011 can most effectively deal with cumulative digital computer "garbage." This efficiency is achieved through a comprehensive clean your computer of unnecessary files. The first stage - the cleaning of obsolete files from the system temporary folder, cache, web browsers and different applications, as well as other locations that are regularly updated and are in the application database. The second phase - the removal of damaged and non-working shortcuts. The third stage - the analysis of "Start" menu and delete partitions, which contain non-working or remote applications. Thanks to this comprehensive treatment, and extensibility Kerish Doctor 2011 is one of the most effective cleaners on your computer.

    Comprehensive protection for your PC
    Kerish Doctor 2011 has a full range of components to protect your computer from malware and spyware. The application shall protect the security settings and system files Windows. This prevents contamination or attempts to breach your computer. All objects or tuning Windows, for which the necessary control and protection up to date with the developer's server with the database security. In addition to traditional signature-based detection of malicious software, the application analyzes the behavior of running programs, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the protection and function Kerish Deblocker allows to deal with SMS-blockers, even if the computer is locked.

    Increase in productivity
    Kerish Doctor in 2011 increases the performance of your computer. This is achieved by three factors. The first factor - the optimization of internal parameters Windows. Efficiency optimization is constantly being improved thanks to the extensibility database applications. The second factor - the increase gaming performance by reallocating the resources of the system in game mode. A list of these applications are imported from the "Browser Game» Windows or can be made independently. The third factor - it's a regular optimization of the system registry by removing irrelevant and obsolete entries, which also increases overall system performance.

    What's new in Kerish Doctor 2011 4.25?

    * Improved error correction. Added a new item status "Sound scheme". Kerish Doctor 2011 fixes errors in the audio circuit Windows.
    * Upgraded game mode. In addition to adding gaming in the gaming mode of the "Games Explorer", Kerish Doctor 2011 automatically adds a full-screen DirectX all running applications. (This function works in operating systems starting with Windows Vista / Windows 7)
    * Improved security component on your computer. Greatly expanded the number of your Windows, which can be exploited by malicious programs, and need protection.
    * Improved update mechanism components. In addition to downloading new components are also made to restore all damaged or deleted components of the program. Kerish Doctor 2011 will provide a more user-friendly information about the update pop-up messages.
    * Changes in the interface. Added the ability to selectively fix problems categories, as well as individual objects. Cancelled to correct category will not be involved in these inspections.
    * Fixed a minor application errors and omissions in its interface.

    OS: Windows 2000/2000 Server / Windows XP / Server 2003 / Windows Vista / Server 2008 / Windows 7/Server 2008 R2
    Enabling | Reg. Code: Present
    Language: English + Russian
    Size: 10.68 MB

    Category: Software | Added by: burtonfly | Tags: Kerish Doctor 2011 4.25, Soft
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