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    LearnWords 5.0 Fixed (2011) Rus /Portable  
    19.12.2011, 02:31

    LearnWords 5
    - portable version of a wonderful program developed by Vladislav Milevsky and designed for easy learning foreign languages ​​and effective memorization of words and phrases.
    The program supports the learning of English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other languages. With LearnWords learning a foreign language as efficiently as possible, easy and fun. Education is the fulfillment of six basic exercises for the selected block of the dictionary words. From the first acquaintance with the word (card), the transition to a more complex exercise, which allows "guess" the correct translation, cleaning "glass game" (Mosaic), then fixed association 'word-transfer' (choice of translation), verified exercise "Guess translation" in which the translation is already required to remember their own, more complex association of "translation, the word" exercise works out, "Select word", and, finally, the exercise "Writing" provides remembering the correct spelling of the word. Support for sound files with pronunciation of words and speech synthesis, creates the perception of another association word on the rumor that will help you understand the foreign language and develop correct pronunciation.

    Features LearnWords 5:
    • The ease, simplicity, speed
    Ergonomic interface: no unnecessary screen elements that complicate the perception of information, just what should be perceived and remembered. The presence of only the necessary information leading to her perception of light, speed training, increasing the efficiency
    • Deep memory, high efficiency
    Used a different orientation exercises (Card, Mosaic, Select translation, Guess translation, Select word, Writing), based on the features of the associative memory of the human brain
    • Adapting to your ability
    Point system evaluation, the penalty for an incorrect answer allows the adaptation process of learning the words to your ability to memorize
    • System of repetitions
    A universal system of repetitions, flexible method of implementing periodic repetitions that can reliably remember previously learned words and phrases
    • Flexibility Training
    LearnWords developed as tools for effective learning of words. You can make your learning scheme by assigning levels of exercise training (Settings \ Levels).
    • Rich functionality
    Transcription of words to ensure correct reading of unfamiliar words;
    Pronunciation (voice of words) will help the perception of speech comprehension, the development of oral communication skills;
    Options allow you to customize the program "by itself", to change the appearance uprazheny;
    Statistics shows the number of courses and degree (percentage) of the material studied;
    Creating dictionaries: making personal dictionaries, edit existing tasks with built-in "Editor of words". All types of dictionaries can be created and edited using a multifunctional, free desktop editor LearnWords Editor!
    Additional features: support for the virtual keyboard, a random selection of words block, learning the words selected category, a random selection of words block, swapping word and translation fields, etc.;
    • A large number of dictionaries
    Dozens of free dictionaries available for download from a page dictionary.
    Most dictionaries ordered by frequency of use of language, active vocabulary, theme, phrases, and grammar.
    • More than twenty languages
    English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Finnish, Czech, Bulgarian, Latvian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish and other

    Version 5.0:
    • introduced a new design of the program - change the toolbar buttons have been, complied with a custom design company LuckyIcon Art, buttons become bigger and prettier;
    • Fixed a bug with the lack of pronunciation of words when they are added to "Personal Dictionary";
    • all the studied words in the dictionary now get all the studied words mydict.pdb (see "Options \ General");
    • The toolbar buttons have appeared calling cards words (for quick editing) and editor of the words;
    • In the "Settings \ Levels" button is added to "default" setting the standard values ​​of the first, basic profile;
    • Various other minor edits.

    Size: 11.5 MB
    Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Language: Russian
    License: Portable

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