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    Hack-Proof Your Wireless Network  
    19.02.2010, 21:15
    Hack-Proof Your Wireless Network
    Hack-Proof Your Wireless Network

    TYPE : PDF
    LANG : English
    PAGE : 513
    File Size: 5.52 MB

    With the arrival of IEEE 802.11b (a.k.a. WiFi) and other wireless networking technologies on the market comes a wave of stories about snoops intercepting sensitive LAN traffic from out in the company parking lot or across the concourse at the airport.
    Hack Proofing Your Wireless Network takes a look at strategies for defending wireless LANs–those based on Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11a as well as WiFi–against signal interception and other attacks peculiar to their wireless nature. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of background information on WiFi (as well as on security principles in general), and this is related to wireless network security only tangentially.

    Though this material represents unneeded padding, the bulk of the book is made up of useful information about security strategies and defensive configuration. There's also a fair bit of information about the security characteristics of some top-selling wireless networking products. In a section on choosing WiFi access points, the authors give a very explicit list of requirements (the ability to disable service-set identifier broadcasts, 128-bit Wired Equivalent Protocol–WEP–and so on), and list at least three real products (by make and model) that fit the specifications.

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