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    The Sweetest Taboo Vol.2 (2011)  
    23.08.2011, 16:34


    CD Title: The Sweetest Taboo Vol.2
    Genre: Downtempo
    Year: 2011
    Tracks: 20
    Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
    Length: 1:42:18
    File size: 256 mb


    01. Sunyata Project - Journey To Mandurai
    02. Latin League - La Princessa Del Marte
    03. Mikis Theodorakis/Francesco Diaz - Beautiful City
    04. Greg Knight - Circle Of Clowns
    05. Area Code 51 - Chanchamayo
    06. Karl Locca - Afternoon (Original Mix)
    07. Guiseppe Mamo - The Pieces (Original Mix)
    08. Maria Luisa Lafiandra/Ruggero Campese - Sunset At Cafe Del Mar
    09. Key Of Dreams - For All We Know (Original Mix)
    10. Roberto Sol/Florito - Love Finds You
    11. Sphere - Spring (Original Mix)
    12. Ocean Deep - Listen Up
    13. Eddie Thoneick/Francesco Diaz/Young Rebels - Perfect Moment
    14. Roberto Sol/Florito - Loveflow
    15. Steen Thottrup - Save A Little Prayer
    16. Mathieu/Florzinho - Miracle Of Love
    17. Schwarz & Funk - Hollywood Affair
    18. Mamo DJ - Why Can Be (Original Mix)
    19. Lenny Ibizarre - Broken (Original Mix)
    20. Christophe Goze - Manana (Original Mix)

    Category: Music | Added by: burtonfly | Tags: Christophe Goze, Downtempo, Sphere, Key Of Dreams, Burtonfly, taboo, Lenny Ibizarre, Mamo DJ, Karl Locca
    Views: 13117 | Downloads: 203 | Comments: 179 | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 6
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