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    System: Windows® 2000/XP х32&х64/2003/Vista х32&х64/Se7en[/center]
    DIRECTX. This version is intended for setting on the computers of users and contains the latest of multimedia libraries of DIRECTX. The package of DIRECTX is needed for correct work of many modern games, reflection of the fullcoloured graphic arts, reproducing and 3D. This version of package is intended for the publishers of games, for placing on disks with games (it is official). Naturally, this a package can get and set to itself ordinary users (it is unofficial).
    Software | Просмотров: 680 | Загрузок: 181 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 25.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

    Ashampoo Music Studio - software that is necessary for everyone who deals with digital music. This is a complete package for working with audio files allows you to copy audio tracks to your hard disk formats WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC and WAV. The program also allows you to create playlists, burn CDs of various formats (recording an audio CD, record MP3, record WMA, record mixed format on CD / DVD / Blu-ray), edit audio tracks and much more.
    Software | Просмотров: 703 | Загрузок: 221 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 24.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

    Software | Просмотров: 783 | Загрузок: 150 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 24.02.2010 | Комментарии (2)

    Everybody hates the wait time and the slow downloads. This is a program that will allow you to download like a premium user.
    Software | Просмотров: 1153 | Загрузок: 261 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 24.02.2010 | Комментарии (6)

    Create dazzling 3D titles for your videos with BluffTitler DX9. Want to impress your friends and clients with cool 3D titles? But don’t want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation and video titling software? BluffTitler is the easiest way to add spectacular 3D text animations to your photos and videos! Other 3D programs always seemed too hard to learn and too expensive to justify. But thanks to BluffTitler, I can finally create all of the cool animations I only dreamed of before!

    Software | Просмотров: 540 | Загрузок: 161 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 22.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

    TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5.73 (Win/Linux) | 41,2MB

    TrackStudio is an ultra-configurable workflow engine that can be used to track the progress of any kind of task such as issue resolution, requirements gathering, desktop support handling, project monitoring, hardware deployment, staff hiring and document management.

    Fully configurable workflows – any number of states and transitions means that you can create any number of workflows that mirror your business practices and that the application’s use is only constrained by your imagination.

    Software | Просмотров: 483 | Загрузок: 222 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 22.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

    VidaOne Diet & Fitness is the premier Windows application to track all aspects of your diet, fitness and health, in a contemporary and easy-to-user user interface. It includes hundreds of features, such as comprehensive data entry that allows you to create your own data fields if needed, connectivity with popular heart rate monitors, synchronization with iPhone (and iPod Touch) Windows Mobile and Palm OS phones and PDAs, excellent charting capabilities, multiple profiles (such as patients, family members, etc), detailed user guide (PDF format).
    Software | Просмотров: 659 | Загрузок: 169 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 22.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

    New build 3D Album CS 3.30 on VM & OB Team with a complete set of styles is the best program for creating 3D album, virtual photo albums on the basis of numerous styles. Allows you to create stunning videos of your collections of photos, animated text and music.
    Software | Просмотров: 840 | Загрузок: 208 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 22.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

    PROMT Professional 8.5 is the most powerful system for professional translation of documents. The complete set of tuning of expert level is done this product by an irreplaceable decision for organization of translating of documents in an industrial scale. An update version offers a powerful tool for automatic translation of documents of different formats, e-mail, Web, presentations in the format of Microsoft PowerPoint.
    Software | Просмотров: 587 | Загрузок: 186 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 21.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

    Have you ever wanted to save your Skype sessions so that you could see or hear them again later or share them with someone else? Now you can with SkypeCap! Have you ever missed information during a session and wish that you had a rewind button? Now you do with SkypeCap!
    Software | Просмотров: 712 | Загрузок: 186 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 20.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)