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    Notepad + - a text editor (Notepad replacement), with syntax support for many programming languages, running on the operating system MS Windows. This project is based on the component Scintilla (a very powerful editor component), written in C + + with pure Win32 API and STL (that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller program size), distributed under the GPL.
    Software | Просмотров: 1663 | Загрузок: 488 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 29.03.2012 | Комментарии (1)

    StudioLine Web - a new release is quite good and fairly well-known among web developers, HTML-editor, with which you can easily create, publish and modify Web pages to your site. The editor has a simple, intuitive interface and allows you to work with Web pages, without direct...
    Software | Просмотров: 1633 | Загрузок: 488 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 10.03.2012 | Комментарии (0)

    Software | Просмотров: 2125 | Загрузок: 508 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 04.03.2012 | Комментарии (1)

    DriverMax - utility allows you to download the latest driver updates for your computer.
    In addition, DriverMax collects information about installed drivers in system and prints a list of devices that use them.
    Provides information about the driver version, date, developer, number of files and you have a digital signature.
    Software | Просмотров: 1218 | Загрузок: 348 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 29.01.2012 | Комментарии (1)

    The program for football fans, the utility displays statistics about all current and past matches. It looks like board with information, displays the score, time, time, evaluation, and more, perfect for school, courtyard and amateur competitions in football.
    Software | Просмотров: 778 | Загрузок: 310 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 28.01.2012 | Комментарии (0)

    Songbird - audiopleer based on the engine of popular browser Firefox.
    Focused on music playback, not only from the hard drive, but also from the network. For design, Songbird - it's not so much a music player as a music web browser ...
    Software | Просмотров: 843 | Загрузок: 305 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 26.01.2012 | Комментарии (0)

    PDF24 Creator - a powerful program that allows you to create PDF-files from almost any application. You only need to press the print button and choose PDF24 Creator as a virtual printer. PDF24 Creator is translated into several languages, Russian is available.
    Software | Просмотров: 1156 | Загрузок: 333 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 24.01.2012 | Комментарии (0)

    vReveal - Application vReveal, which will significantly improve the quality of video in digital formats.
    Despite such a loud statement, the principle of the program vReveal is quite simple. This application improves image quality by carefully comparing each frame with the two adjacent frames.
    Software | Просмотров: 1239 | Загрузок: 441 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 18.01.2012 | Комментарии (0)

    Internet Browser Avant Browser is designed for viewing Web-pages on the Internet.
    The browser has the advantages of popular browsers, Opera and Internet Explorer. This browser is in a multi-mode, ie inside the main window you can open multiple windows with're viewing Web-pages. The browser is built on the Microsoft Trident engine, and has flexible customization that allows you to customize it to your liking.
    Software | Просмотров: 972 | Загрузок: 341 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 17.01.2012 | Комментарии (0)

    MediaMonkey - music player, as well as a powerful music manager that allows you to organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a special filtration system tracks according to their attributes - genre, artist, year, etc, in this case has an intuitive interface
    Software | Просмотров: 1197 | Загрузок: 339 | Добавил: burtonfly | Дата: 13.01.2012 | Комментарии (1)