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    vReveal Ml  
    18.01.2012, 20:49

    vReveal - Application vReveal, which will significantly improve the quality of video in digital formats.
    Despite such a loud statement, the principle of the program vReveal is quite simple. This application improves image quality by carefully comparing each frame with the two adjacent frames. In that case, if the previous or next frame found the program more successful, vReveal makes the necessary adjustments to the original frame.
    This approach allows the technology vReveal «lighten" too dark areas, successfully combat blur and shake image and adjust its sharpness and contrast.

    A new product aimed at the consumer market, so we can assume that it will be fairly simple to use. In the process of improving the video modification will be subjected to it each frame. This means that the processing of a long movie can take a long time. The developers claim that their product has enough "intelligence" to ignore frames that do not need to be rectified. vReveal does not claim to be the full set of tools for editing (although offers some basic editing capabilities, materials), and complements existing applications.

    Programs may run on any computer, however, the owners of graphics processors that support the technology NVIDIA CUDA, will mark a significant performance boost. During testing, software developers from MotionDSP noted that GPU GeForce GTX280 improves product performance by 5 times compared with the processor Intel Core Duo E6600.

    vReveal - video viewing quality will always help to ensure the program VReveal. The software product VReveal designed specifically to relieve stress from the eyes of amateur video, which can not always be viewed in the qualitative form. With VReveal can achieve good quality even on "bad" movies downloaded from the network with noise, or DVD with a pirate recording. VReveal program does not require much experience and user skills. Treatment of poor-quality video in VReveal happens automatically according to preliminary user settings, which suggests to introduce, by the way, she VReveal.

    vReveal - a patented technology to create high-definition video in the style of "CSI" (Crime Scene Investigation), taken from the applications used by judicial authorities and intelligence services. Using technology NVIDIA ® CUDA ™ to realize the power of parallel computing on GPU, vReveal quickly eliminates vibration, darkness, noise and blurring in consumer video.

    Information about the application:
    Released: 2011
    Language: Multilingual (Russian available)
    Platform | OS: Windows XP \ Vista \ 7
    Medicine: You do not need
    File Size: 87.75 Mb

    Category: Software | Added by: burtonfly | Tags: vreveal
    Views: 1203 | Downloads: 420 | Rating: 5.0/2
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